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Does Hypnosis Work To Quit Smoking?

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Jeremiah was a pack and a half a day smoker. He wanted to quit smoking because he felt that being a smoker was like having chains on his life. Smoking a pack and a half a day was taking all of his time and money, attention and felt horrible for him - like a brown turning blob in his gut that ruled him and making things dark and glum.

He felt that if he could become what he wanted to become, and break this chain, he would be strong and that to him meant a whole new phase in his life - a new beginning - a clean slate - health - wellbeing - achievement - deeper loving connections - it meant a lot.

He said smoking took up 25% of his time and attention.

Every session Hypnosis Quit Smoking Session can be very different. Every client comes with a different set of associations, connections, meanings etc. For Jeremiah, we found that smoking for him was about filling in the empty space in life. When we have open space, time to make decisions sometimes we choose to distract ourselves. Cigarettes are a way to fill up the empty space with smoke aren't they?

We opened that space back up. Now, rather than chain smoking in the morning he goes for a nice long hour walk - the time he used to choke up with smoke. He can spend his time with friends and family and be closer - not fill up the space between them with smoke.

Days, weeks, months, years of his future have just opened up in quality and quantity. All because he chose to speak directly to his subconscious mind, working with a Philadelphia Quit Smoking Hypnosis specialist at A New Hope Hypnosis.

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