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How To Reach The Subconscious Mind For Change

You have a friend on the inside!

I say that because its the most healthy way to look at the subconscious. But what is a subconscious?

It is you. It is the deeper wisdom, information, experience, beliefs, past choices, talents and abilities you have gathered and collected over the course of your life.

It's all there sitting in a storehouse. It's NOT in your brain. It's more than that. It's in everything that you are, everything that you can see and more that you can't see.

It is your being.

However, you are referencing it through your conscious mind.

I say that it's akin to looking through a keyhole.

You can look inside and you will see what you're looking for somewhat, but you can't look for what you dont know is there.

We forget things. Important things. We forget more than we consciously remember. Mostly what we mean when we think "remember" actually is "recall". Your ability to recall something you have stored inside by searching within yourself for what you think you know is there.

Sometimes it comes up and sometimes it doesn't. This sounds a little bit like the little search bar in your computer.

Youre looking for something. Again like looking through a key hole and hoping to find what you are looking for . Did you find what you needed?

After typing this I'm now reminded of a data base and searching a data base. I just did that so that I can add the recent contacts from my events (sign up for my mailing list and you'll be emailed by me when I'm having a special event online and in person) as I'm soon hosting a group Zoom "Exploring Your Past Lives"

But searching only gives you a little piece of the pie! I'm interested in learning about what else the subconscious has in store. But how do we find out about what it holds?

Well, anytime we are learning something, our mind is valuing the experience of actions and information that we are using to assess our choices. Without knowing it that information is stored, even if we don't consciously think it's important. The subconscious is watching.

Imagine having a second pair of eyes in your head that can not only see what your eyeballs are looking at, but also what your eyeballs are NOT looking at.

Also, imagine there is a tape recorded in your head which is recording everything anyone says to you, everything in which you say to anyone else, and anything you say to yourself or anyone else silently in your head (including your prayers). Also, everything you're feeling while that's happening.

It's like IMAX times 100!

And any of that can be recalled at any time if you know what youre doing.

It's all in there. WOW. That's everything!

With this kind of access you could search for the source of anything going on in your life. You could search for and find the blueprint of your behaviors built into your subconscious.

Instead of asking yourself questions rhetorically you can actually get the answers. Imagine asking your subconscious questions and getting answers. Anything you want. It's possible.

Wait... the subconscious can talk? Well yes, kinda. If you show it thats what you want, this genius inside of you will begin to communicate with you. How else is it going to answer your questions?

A trained hypnotist knows ways of communicating with the subconscious mind to get desired responses. But an even better hypnotherapist knows how to develop a RELATIONSHIP with the subconscious.

And even better than that... a real master can teach you how to have a relationship with your own subconscious.

Wouldn't you like to harness the genius that you are and develop a fully functional relationship with your subconscious mind, like a friendship, a functional healthy relationship in which your intelligence and power grows?

This inner intelligence has more to offer to you than you would know to ask for. Even better, it is fully committed to and interested in YOU.

It's been studying you and serving you since before you were born. It is reliable, faithful and perfect. It's all yours.

And the easiest way to reach your subconscious mind is to begin to talk to it. Knowing that it is there. To know that you are not alone and that this second mind can and already is communicating with you.

With every emotion you feel you are being delivered messages. With every pop up thought you have you are being shown something important for your day. Don't dismiss it is a garbage thought. The subconscious only works with valuable things and is a master of economy.

One of the first things I do even in my free consultations is that I help to connect you clearly with your subconscious in a way that you will love to experience. It's like a WAKE UP CALL.

It helps to become aware of the sensitive listening and the capable responsiveness that we all have within us. I help you to see that yes it's listening right now. And yes it can start to work with you, for you to achieve your goal.

If youre interested in experiencing this exercise, and your interested in learning about to access and communicate with your subconscious then I'd be happy to speak with you and show you some things. To help you make contact with and reach your subconscious mind to help you grow and change.

Theres so much that WE can learn from IT. That is theres a lot that we can learn from ourselves.

Just book a free 30 min consultation with me here: BOOK NOW

What I like to say is that, when it comes to personal change, It's now what you know but rather it's who you know. And the first thing I'd like to do is introduce you to the Genius Inside, which already has most of your problems solved.

That takes most of the work off of my back and makes me look good ;) You have the answers you've been looking for and I know just who to talk to and how to talk to them.

There are three key factors when communicating with your subconscious and I'd love to teach them to you on your free Hello Subconscious call. It's totally free and it's best if you have something that you are really trying to breakthrough so that we can actually apply this to something important to you.

But before you DO, make a list of the things that you are interested in changing. Here's how I ask people to do it. Take a piece of paper. On one side of that paper right your WISH list. This is the stuff you want to have. Then on the other side write your SH*T list and this is the stuff you don't want anymore. Keep em separate!

Now it's sometimes difficult to focus on what you want because what you dont want just keeps popping out and now you have a place to put that crap. So keep an eye not to put what you dont want in the list of stuff that you do want!

This exercise is simple and really helpful and keep writing until you are done. Now you're clear on what you consciously think the problem is. On our call which you book by clicking one of the three links above I will help you get to what your subconscious knows what the real problem is...

Don't you think that would be helpful? And at that point I will be able to easily tell you what its going to take to make the changes that you are looking for.

Now if you want to - take that piece of paper, whether its real or imagined (you haven't done the exercise yet) and turn it into a reality... then I'm your guy. I literally have been doing this since o was 14 years old and it's my favorite thing in the world to help people connect with their subconscious minds and discover what they can do when they are connected.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and I'm looking forward to meeting you on the call soon.

Your subconscious coach,


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