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Beat Anxiety & Panic Attacks

What percentage of your life is affected by your anxiety?

What have you given up or have abandoned because of it?

What situations are your anxiety situations?

Are you aware of the exact triggers or is it just a feeling you get in your chest, your stomach or your head?

The truth is your anxiety has very specific rules to it. Your anxiety or the anxiety of your loved one has a very good reason to be there. It's to keep you from being hurt again. Anxiety is memory. It's that part of you that says: "remember that thing or situation that hurt us... I'm not going to let that happen again!" The more you feel anxiety the more the situation is like the one that hurt you. The more you feel anxiety the more you're feeling associations to the hurt.

The problem is when our anxiety is outside of our conscious awareness. If you really knew what it was about you'd make the changes in your pictures you picture, self talk you talk and feelings you feel. Thats where hypnotherapy for anxiety comes in. We do that with you until you know you're ok.

"After one session I've gotten more results than 6 years of therapy"

It can happen easier and faster than you think. Traditional talk therapy may run you through years of sessions describing your best conscious guess of a subconscious problem.

Instead of guessing whats in the box open the box and sort things out now. My clients often report immediate measurable results. Session after session we stabilize and clarify and secure you in each and every area of your life.

Anxiety is there for a reason. Let's identify your reasons and see if you actually even need them anymore or if it's time to update your mental reactiveness to one that works for you rather than against you.

Call to schedule your free 1 Hr. consultation or book here today!

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