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Fear Of Needles

Overcome your fear of needles and injections today and live your life free from fear and anxiety!

  • Do you suffer from trypanophobia (a fear of needles)?

  • Do you just completely freeze up or panic when you have to have an injection? Your reaction is uncontrollable and you just can't help experiencing this feeling of fear and even terror?

  • Perhaps you experience anxiety and stress just at the very thought of having to have an injection?

  • If you see a needle do you experience intense anxiety and panic – to the point of not being able to control yourself and either be held down or just unable to have the injection?

  • Do you NEED to have an injection in the near future but just don't know how you are going to get through it and find yourself totally consumed by fear and anxiety?

  • Do you just lose control and feel extreme anxiety at the mere thought of needing to have an injection?

Here's the good news! Through the use of hypnoanalysis and direct suggestions you can greatly influence the way you experience needles and injections in your mind and in your life. With just a small number of visits to the office you will have permanently changes the way you feel about them.

How does it work? Well because your reaction is subconscious, we need to go reprocess the memories your subconscious mind uses in order to know it needs to be afraid of needles. Often this comes from something very young when we went to a doctor or dentist and felt out of control. Through this recall process we will adjust the way you relate so that you feel safely in control and secure during any such procedure.

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