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Can Anyone Be Hypnotized?

Yes, anyone can be hypnotized. But not everyone will be in certain situations. If the client does't feel our agreed upon approach is ok with them they are more likely to not accept the therapeutic suggestions. If they have a fear or concern about what we are planing it's best to be 100% open and honest so that we have the chance to address that first.

What increases my success rate is my ability to adjust my approach to cater each and every client. I have about 1 in 25 clients who aren't able to go into hypnosis on average. They do not get a fee and are asked to come back for another attempt.

We all have a subconscious and we already all have a relationship with it. The goal of hypnosis is to elicit a response from the subconscious mind and lead and guide it through choice.

Once you understand that they have a subconscious and you begin to notice they ways in which you already are familiar with it generally you will become more comfortable and open to the process. A lot of people are just afraid of the unknown and once they have a good understanding then everyone can easily use hypnosis for good reason.

And they begin to learn new ways to communicate with it there is a confidence that grows and it get super easy to work with someone and teach them how to work with themselves.

There are ways to test to see if someone is accepting suggestions. Not every hypnotherapist is willing to test like this for fear of failing and I make it a staple in my sessions that we both know it's really happening.

Sometimes what happens is the client comes in with certain expectations including that they always won't remember things, or that they think i'll be in complete control over them. That simply isn't the case. The subject always has the ability to reject any or all suggestions if they do not feel comfortable or in alignment with the work we are doing.

We start of discussing their issue and come to a common ground and an agreement on where to begin and how to proceed. I lay it all out there as to make them as comfortable as possible and not to take them by surprise as much as possible. about what hypnosis is and isn't and sometimes that is because of old outdated ideas which mainly come from the media (movies), and stage hypnotism.

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