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Disappear Sugar Cravings

How Do You Stop Sugar Cravings?

Damian Miller, CHT - Call 215-839-8056 to schedule a free consultation or to schedule online visit to book at our Philly hypnosis office.

This testimonial is an example of how an open and educated client can make sometimes dramatic and immediate changes, when the the client is ready and they are open to looking inside, and open to doing the work. Change doesn't necessarily take time, it takes proper conditions. Results may vary, however to stack the deck in your favor schedule a free consultation to begin to take the first step.

"I've been obese for most of my life, since I was 10 years old, and i recently decided about a year ago to have a gastric sleeve procedure. That was a tool for my weight loss and I lost 55 lbs. from the surgery but a lot of the struggle has been mental. So... I have a food addiction, specifically sugars, sweets any kind of goodies, candy bars, I just always had a problem with them i would indulge too much. So one of the things I really wanted to talk to Damian about in the workshop was trying to help me overcome at least that part of my food addiction. He helped me immensely so... we did some work, we had lengthly conversations and we made it so I made an association... well actually that i no longer had an association with food and comfort, or helping me through stressful times, and a ton of other things i used to use sweets for.

I just want to let you know that I went to that workshop the day after Halloween, which of course there's halloween candy everywhere. And of course that day and Halloween day I've been eating all sorts of candy. And since the workshop I have not had one single piece of candy, no sweets, no goodies... nothing."

Since the workshop Alicia has not had a piece of candy. As of the date of this post January, 2018 she has lost 10 pounds and has still not had nor has wanted to have a piece of candy.

Please keep in mind that everyone is different and this testimonial reveals the results of someone who was vulnerable, open and ready for change. Results may vary based on many factors. The best way for you to find out how well you may respond to this service is to come for a free consultation. Follow the instructions below and book now.

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