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Fear Of Flying

Do you have a job or promotion which is now requiring you to travel, and it's getting harder and harder to avoid?

Have you always wanted to travel but are terrified of planes for one of the many reasons?

When you try to travel by aircraft do you obsess over the experience?

Are you currently traveling and are completely anxious about it and resist the experience?

Wouldn't you like to be at ease so that nothing could bother or disturb you and you can actually enjoy the experiece with positive excitement?

Some people being to react as soon as they think about actually flying. Their subconscious mind senses the threat and begins to make them react ahead of time to try and keep them from allowing themselves to actually experience it. Then they start feeling tense. In order to avoid the tension the start doing anything to make the feeling go away including avoiding, rescheduling, delaying, searching up train trips instead.

The imagination goes wild focusing on all sorts of things to scare themselves and keep themselves from going on the trip. They imagine things that prevent them from entering an airplane.

The truth is that usually none of these things they imagine actually have to do with the source of the fear itself.

The subconscious mind is very smart and if it knows that there is some painful association to flying, Even if its because for instance: Your mother or father would fly lot and therefore were never home or you would have to take them to the airport and have to say goodbye to many times or for too long a period of time - you have a painful association to airplanes. Now the subconscious mind tries to help you avoid those painful memories by making you fear planes so you don't have to remember those old things.

You won't be conscious of this at all and will totally just think you're afraid of planes.

The good news is these things are easy to fix with hypnosis. Once we clear away your negative associations to flying you'll be light and easy about it even excited with the normal thoughts and feelings that any other normal person have. Once the fear is gone you can get on to learning how great it can be.

You can keep the job, get the promotion, take that important and meaningful trip and regain the self confidence you've been missing.

In just a short course of sessions you're be on your way! Then you can send me your victory photos for my website ;)

Call to schedule your free 1 Hr. consultation or book here today!

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