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Fear Of Heights

Is your fear of heights keeping you from being the person you want to be in life?

Do you avoid places, tasks, events?

Today I met with a client in session #2 for his fear of heights. He's an electrician and he's been avoiding much of the work he has to do. He's been playing sick, and waking up in the morning with this feeling in his gut that makes him want to just go back to sleep. As an electrician of course its par for the course to get up on a ladder and change bulbs and get up on a roof and get stuff done.

He has been grinding through it, stalling and doing everything he can do to try and get the other guy to do the high up stuff. He knows he can do better. He's not afraid of 15,000 volts but when it comes to changing the large lights at the top of the college pool room waaaaay up there he just can't bring himself to do it.

Today we go back into his memory and find out how he got to be the way he's been and make great change. What caused him to be so sensitive? Hypnotherapy provides these answers. Through the use of age regression we go back and revivify that chain of memories which created the fear.

Hypno-analysis and age regression is like opening a door to your past. Once in trance, the subconscious mind will reveal the moment in time where one first felt that feeling. Memories are all tagged and categorized like wikipedia. 5, 4, 3, 2... almost there now... 1. Open the door.

I'm in my grandmothers kitchen. On the floor, playing with toys. He furrows his eyebrows. He knows the feeling is coming, though not there yet. He's really just comfortably playing with his Tonka dump truck. His grandmother "screams" in this voice which is unlike her regular voice. "The door to the basement is open, don't fall down the steps!" This shocks him. It's done, the spell has been cast. He sits there near the dark open door, and though he was fine before he begins imagining all of the horrible things that could happen. He feels the feeling. No longer playing he takes her fear and makes it his own. This all happens instantly.

Once we find the right mental place to do the work he take the positive therapeutic suggestions easily, as if he was always waiting and hoping for the right words in the right way. After clearing the kid in the kitchen of his grandmothers fear of him falling he moves in his mind to all of the times its affected him such as the rope bridge on the playground. He finds his memories shifting from fear to victory. This then translated to success at work.

Interesting how he's playing with life size Tonka trucks.

He went up there! Afterwards he called me to celebrate his victory. What will your victory be?

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