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Hypnosis For Addiction

At A New Hope Hypnosis, in Philadelphia, PA, we look at addiction as a solution rather than the problem. Yes, it causes secondary problems... but so do all drugs now don't they? We see drugs and alcohol as the clients tool which they use to cope with something they feel at a deeper level which they may not be able to consciously put into words. A crack in the foundation we try to keep patched with a material that soon fades away and leaves us vulnerable again.

I am not a medical professional but I do call myself a hypnosis and addiction specialist. After years of volunteer work studying addiction at outpatient treatment centers I understand that hypnosis for addiction is a very beneficial service and one I need to provide.

Addiction is more than a disease. It's a disease which is currently being treated with something which is now causing secondary and tertiary layers of problems. Drugs are fast and effective in that they change the way we feel. They give the user power over themselves in a way nothing else can. The trick is to prepare the person with a healthy subconscious foundation for their life and life's situations so they can get on a better track than ever.

Please read through a client's most recent ( click here to read the actual google / yelp) testimonial for hypnosis for alcoholism:


"I came to A New Hope Hypnosis looking for yet another possible solution to a life long struggle. Having tried traditional methods many times over many years with little to no success, I wanted to give this a try before I went back to the drastic measures that I knew would upheave the lifestyle of my professional and personal family life. I am so very thankful that I did find Damian’s practice because I already knew what to expect from the alternative if this was not successful either. Overall, I had a total of 4 sessions with Damian and with marked results after even the first consultation session. I have dealt with a drinking addiction for well over 2 decades. I started drinking at a very young age, even before teenage years, so by the time I had completed high school, I had a very steady drinking habit. Before I was even of legal drinking age, I had become a daily drinker and I am now in my early 40’s. The daily drinking had initially been mostly evenings and weekends but in the past 5-10 years there became day drinking as well as hiding stashes from my family and friends to keep up with what I presumed I needed for just about any reason… be it, celebration, stress, sadness and well basically just because. By the time I had come to Damian, my habits and thinking patterns were in a state of near disrepair and the drinking had become not only a shame I carried but one my family carried with me as well. It had also gotten to a point that my physical health was hanging in the balance with my liver enzymes climbing off the charts and my GI doctor warning me of the beginning stages of liver disease. Needless to say, this was no small task and I did not sugarcoat anything or leave out any details, which honesty and openness is the best way to allow him to do his job in helping his client. Damian utilized compassion and patience with the understanding of someone much older than his years. Within the hypnosis session, he honed in on the timeline of my life starting back as a young child where he focused on my environment and events that may have led to my drinking habits. Damian is very talented yet modest and does not seem to care to refer to his services as a gift, but when he was able to take a hopeless cause such as myself and help me get my mindset and life back on track, I would call that a gift; a lifesaving gift in my case! Even my substance abuse counselor and psychiatrist were floored at the results they saw in me and I’ve been doing all of this free of the prescription medications I was on! I am beyond thankful for his determination in being the conduit that has empowered me to get a handle over this very debilitating set of shackles that were upon me! Even with group therapy/AA, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment and prescription drugs - I have literally never been able to not stop my compulsion to drink daily for years now unless I was hospitalized and my choice was taken away from me. Our first visit immediately gave me 3 days of freedom with no real cravings… the habit still felt there but the cravings had diminished! After my second session, I had another ten days of freedom and it was amazing how little I craved an actual drink! I even managed through some first time events where I was around other drinkers and I maintained my abstinence! This was beyond anything I had ever experienced in all these years of hating myself for not having the ability to get enough self-control together to quiet my inner addiction voice. My home and social environments still needed some final reorganizing and once we got past some of those obstacles, I am so thrilled to report I am now an additional 24 days clean and sober!!! I have been attending AA meetings since our last session to maintain this phenomenal mental transition that came into my life. This has been a lifetime of struggle and I know I am not out of the woods yet but I refuse to let go of whatever it is Damian has helped me find! I plan to return to Damian for more sessions should I feel any real surge of relapse starting to loom. AA never felt right for me before this but since we tweaked something in my thinking patterns, it has been a great refuge with what he and I started on, so I believe between the two I am on the path to a beautiful awoken second half of my life! I am posting this review anonymously to keep this issue within the confines of my personal family life but I would be happy to speak to anyone offline that suffers like I have and highly recommend giving it a try with Damian if you have been down as many dead ends as I have come into. Damian, you really are amazing at what you do and I hope you go onto help many more people in what you are able to provide to those in need!"

Please keep in mind that everyone is different and this testimonial reveals the results of someone who was vulnerable, open and ready for change. Results may vary based on many factors. The best way for you to find out how well you may respond to this service is to come for a free consultation. Follow the instructions below and book now.


Call to schedule your free 1 Hr. consultation or book here today!

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