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Hypnotherapy And The Subconscious

Hypnotherapy is a way of communicating with the subconscious mind for beneficial reasons. We kind of have this division of labor within ourselves, like an inner self and an outer conscious self.

Most of the time we are only acknowledging the conscious self: My conscious self talking with your conscious self. So hypnosis is a very special form of communicating which focuses on the deeper inner self, under the surface.

While we do talk with ourselves all day, we only really have a certain level of access to our inner selves.

The good news is that you really have a safeguard that you don't go and change everything about yourself all of the time. We rely on our conditionings to be solid and hold true.

If we go mucking around in our subconscious minds all of the time I imagine we might make a mess of things. There is a natural firewall. Nature has it in a way that we are safely moving forward with the lessons we learn and hold together just fine.

The bad news is that once we are conditioned it's hard to really update those conditions. This is where hypnotherapy comes in handy. Hypnotherapy is a way to reconcile ourselves and make sure

The truth is that the subconscious mind is always communicating as well. Body language for instance is a form of subconscious communication. Though you may recognize it's happening it's not consciously intended to happen.

Looking at it this way, ask yourself how much of what you do is actually a conscious and intentional thing that you're doing. Consider your thoughts, images, self talk, actions, feelings, behaviors and ask yourself how much of that is happening automatically, how much is intentional and conscious?

We all know something each of us does or other people do that they don't know why they do it, they just do. We either say "I don't know i just like to" or "I don't know I can't help it". Consider there is a part of you which subconsciously knows why you actually do it and has the ability to recall why and actually has the ability to change it if you ask or tell it to.

Interacting with this part with the intention of raising personal awareness, effectiveness and health is the true intention of hypnosis, hypnotherapy specifically.

Most people confuse trance with hypnosis. The idea of trance has many antiquated images associated with it. Old Svengali type looking men swinging watches in front of a woman with her eyes rolled back into her head.

The fact is that we go into trances all throughout the day. We utilize these trances for all sorts of things. Sometimes in order for us to communicate with out subconscious mind we go into a little mini trance; to remember things, to accomplish a monotonous task so that we entertain ourselves in deep thought and memory, when we recall the past, or imagine the future, when an artist gets into the flow, or when an athlete gets into "the zone".

So being that trance is natural and common, and trance and hypnosis seem to be related, let's say that hypnosis, or hypnotic language sometimes brings about special learning trances where we communicate with the subconscious mind to learn and make deep changes.

The things clients learn in session may interrupt old unhealthy trances and create new healthy ones.

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